Wowwwww, Gigi jumped Stephanie AND her friend that she brought on the show (and waited til they turned around to get them at their own work places)
& she posted (someone) beating her friend up.

so your black and you dont care that sarah said your pussy is ugly? foh self aware? What? – from Anonymous


Chile…. You’re coming for the wrong one. I’ve seen some bloggers on here making some pretty ugly remarks about this whole thing but I’m not the one… I heard about her comments even before her season aired. I looked into it hard. At the time, I didn’t get a straight answer on it. She made a video with her ‘one black friend’ (y’all know how some white people will say they have black friends so they’re not racist? That’s what I thought of that video)

Anyway so fast forward to her interview when I finally hear her clear it up. My thought was ‘okay… who was she dating that said that to her so I can find him and fuck him up?’ Now, watching the season and seeing her after it aired, she didn’t rub me as racist and I really don’t think she is.

Being self aware means you’re aware of what’s going on and how you’re feeling/acting/etc. Anybody that’s self aware wouldn’t say anything while recording a tv show that they know could be misconstrued or edited to make them look bad…. I mean… she obviously isn’t and she obviously talks out her ass sometimes but I don’t think she’s racist. I still for the life of me can’t understand why she would ever repeat anything like that in the first place, but that’s something you’d have to ask her I guess.

I felt the same way before she made an appearance on BGC. I really had a huge dislike to her and thought she’d be the one that I would hate throughout her season, but it ended up being the same as you said. 

People are just finding out about this (surprisingly, cause I thought almost everyone knew about it)

"Im so tired of the same girls! Why cant there be older ones?!"

I hope fans know that not everyone will say yes.(this late in the series too)   A lot of the older girls were asked and they declined.

Flo was asked and she said that she didnt want to be on it, especially since they didnt pay enough.

Production should have made an All Star after or before season 7.